Lesson Prices

We delivers friendly, high quality professional golf tuition. A good golf game is made up out of several important elements and we will use a variety of easy to understand techniques & technologies to help you learn & improve whatever aspect of your game you want to work on whilst allowing you to still enjoy your golf. We have invested heavily in being able to coach in a fantastic environment all year around, so no matter what the weather conditions you are able to get a golf lesson either outdoors on our Practice Range or indoors in our state of the art studio.

During your coaching sessions, your swing is filmed using High Speed Cameras from different angles plus club and ball data is analysed using the latest launch monitor technology. The data provided along with the videos can then identify the areas of weakness in your game that need to be improved upon. At the end of the coaching you will go away with lesson notes explaining the changes that need to be made whilst also recommending any drills to help whilst practicing. This enables you to look back and not forget anything from the lesson maximising the investment you have made in your golf.

Lesson Prices

30 Minute Lesson - £20
45 Minute Lesson - £25
60 Minute Lesson - £30

1 Hour Playing Lesson - £25
2 Hour Playing Lesson - £40

Lesson Packages

Three 30 Minute Lessons - £50
Six 30 Minute Lessons (plus 1 hour playing lesson) - £110
Six 60 Minute Lessons (plus 2 hour playing lesson) - £180

Click here to request a lesson or call 01274 596 731 (opt1).