Best golf bags of 2024

Matt Stanworth

18 March 2024

We’re now finally officially in the month of March and we can smell Spring coming just around the corner.

We can’t wait to wave goodbye to the wintertime as we look forward to all the warm sunshine we’ll be getting over the coming months!

Just picture it all, freshly cut grass, birds chirping away, seasonal flowers starting to bloom. Watching the Spring unfold before us as we make our way over the golf course makes it absolutely one of the best times of the year.

To make the most of the blooming Spring, have you considered going into March with any new golf equipment? The start of a new season is the perfect time to approach your game with a fresh mentality, and getting to grips with some new kit will certainly rejuvenate your love for the game.


So, why get a new golf bag?


When you head out on the course, it’s important that you have a solid, durable golf bag by your side to keep all your gear in one place and safe from the elements. Can you imagine how hard it would be to have to carry everything you need in your arms?

The latest golf bags from Callaway are sturdy, spacious, and have multiple pockets so you can accommodate for your equipment accordingly. You can attach their cart bags to your trolley to make getting around the course super easy, or if you prefer to carry your golf bag, they have stand bags available that will have you strolling across the fairway with a smile on your face.

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The latest Callaway Golf Bags

If you’re thinking about slinging your bag over your shoulder now that the outdoors is getting warmer and lighter, you’ll appreciate how handy the Hyper-Lite Zero stand bag is.


Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero Stand Bag


As the name of the bag implies, the Hyper-Lite Zero is Callaway’s lightweight stand bag offering. When you first pick it up by the handle you’ll be shocked by how compact and maneuverable it is. The shoulder straps are perfectly comfortable for hours of use at a time, and the carbon fibre legs will ensure your gear stays upright and stable when you set it down.

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Callaway Fairway 14 Stand Bag


If you’re on the look out for a solid stand bag that will treat you well all year long, you can’t go wrong with the Fairway 14 stand bag. The bag has a 14-way top divider that will give each of your clubs their own space, ensuring they don’t rattle together as you’re walking along.

The bag’s construction is simply solid. Callaway’s LOWRIDER 2.0 legs extend and tuck away again with no fuss, and they’re also designed to be seamlessly integrated with trolleys should you feel like pushing your gear rather than carrying it. The Flex Pod Base on the bottom of the bag allows for your bag to stay perfectly stable across all golf course terrain.

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Callaway ORG 14 HD Cart Bag


This bag is a must-have if you’re preparing for some drizzly rounds. The HD in the name stands for Hyper Dry, and your gear will stay totally dry thanks to the bag’s waterproof construction. With watertight zipper pockets, the rain won’t dampen your round.

This cart bag is a serious bit of kit that will let you take all sorts of essentials out on the golf course. There are 11 individual pockets, all strategically placed to give you total access to those often-reached-for compartments like the ball pocket.

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Callaway Chev 14 Dry Cart Bag


Another fantastic waterproof bag offering from Callaway, the Chev 14 Dry is heavy on the durable material while still looking fantastic. This bag also has 14-way top dividers, and the integrated putter well is a lot of fun to use when you need your putter in a pinch. You’ll feel your game is in good hands when you head out with this one on your trolley!

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Which bag are you most taken with? If you’re still uncertain about taking on some new kit, keep in mind how this is the perfect time of year for a bit of change now that a new season is fast upon us.

The sights, smells, and sounds of Spring are certainly welcome after this long winter, and we can’t wait to see you in action over the coming weeks. If you’d like to seek our professional advice about any specific golf products, we’d be more than happy to have a chat with you in the pro shop.

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